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2 Great Cardio Strength Training Exercises For Women!

2 Great Cardio Strength Training Exercises For Women!

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Ladies in order to achieve a truly beneficial workout you must include a workout that contains both qualities of strength and conditioning! In order to achieve these qualities strength training workouts for women must include the use of kettlebell training! By now you may be familiar with the ancient kettlebell and realize that this strength and conditioning device has been around for centuries. Kettlebell training has been used to mold the world’s greatest bodies for a long time. Read and include the following 2 kettlebell exercises in your personal program.
1. The Double Arm Swing: This is the base lift that you can perform with the kettlebell. It involves you having to swing the bell from between your legs up to chest height like a pendulum. This single movement is highly effective because it incorporates the use of hundreds of your muscles at once and elevates your level of perceived exertion quicker than anything you will ever try. This is a workout good enough for superior results. I mean by implementing this lift you will forge a body that is considered worthy by even Hollywood’s standards. To execute the lift you must initiate a movement known as the hip snap. The hip snap is a technique that involves you having to flex and extend fluently and continuously at your hips and knees to create the necessary momentum to swing the bell. Ladies if you want to kick your workouts up a notch then start with the double arm swings!
2. The Single Arm Swing: This is obviously a more intense variation of the double arm swing. By implementing this lift you further isolate your lat muscles, shoulders, back, and core independently on each side. To execute this lift you will want to grip the bell’s handle towards the inner half. Pick the bell up and slightly angle the foot opposite of the hand with the bell away from your body. From here execute the hip snap. As the bell builds momentum allow it to rotate to a “thumbs down” position as it descends down between your legs. As the bell ascends allow your forearm to rotate back to a “palms down” position. Maintain a good “hook” grip on the kettlebell by gripping it deep into your palm and not with your fingers. Maintain balance and pull your shoulder back (retract it) at the top of every swing. Ladies, you will quickly see just how effective this style of strength training is at burning calories after you start including it into your workouts. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend.
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