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Why Is The Impact Of The Deadlift So Great?

Why Is The Impact Of The Deadlift So Great?

Can you stand with your legs straight and bend down to touch your toes?

Can you properly hinge your hips?

Can you bend over to pick up objects off the ground with confidence and stability?

Can you pick heavy things up off of the ground without worry of injuring yourself?

If you answered NO to any of these questions then you need to learn why the impact of the deadlift is so great. If you expect to possess a respectable level of human function then you must be capable of picking things up off of the ground. Your ability to deadlift involves two of these 7 foundational human movements which are necessary if you expect to live and function and be more resistant to injury.

Impact Of The Deadlift: 7 Foundational Human Movements

Optimal physical function consists of…







Gait (how you walk or run)

Of these 7 movements the deadlift consists of the bend and pull. Bending and pulling weight off of the floor requires you being able to activate several large muscle groups in your body recruiting your grip strength, spinal stability, hip stability/mobility, and leg drive.

Doing this will harness the power of your posterior chain of muscles which we refer to in the strength and conditioning industry as your Go muscles. Stronger posterior muscles involving your forearms, lats, rhomboids, hips, glutes, and hamstrings will train you to achieve more optimal physical function.

Impact Of The Deadlift: Combatting Anterior Dominance

Deadlifts will also combat a huge problem that currently plagues society these days known as anterior dominance.

Anterior dominance is the result of lifestyles where many people develop a broken posture due to them sitting for excessive amounts of time at their work, home, or commute. Modern society as exploded with what I refer to as the era of sitting jobs which has brought about the problem of broken posture for many people.

As a result people that fall into this category will essentially suffer from the development of a slouched torso involving forward rounding shoulders, a collapsed midsection, and a weak posterior set of muscles (muscles of the back). The anterior muscles are shortened and tight where the posterior muscles are lengthened and weak. If you happen to suffer from this you posses a huge imbalance in your muscular appearance and function.

This is a formula for injury and quite often many people worsen their anterior dominance by selecting exercises that reinforce this condition rather than helping it. Movements that involve pushing and crunching will only reinforce this poor broken posture.

If you happen to suffer from anterior dominance then the deadlift is a great way to combat this condition. You need to train your body to maintain a neutral spine during the lift while properly hinging (bending) at your hips.

The pulling portion of the movement involves getting the weight off of the ground and a properly execution of the deadlift will train you to get your shoulder girdle into thoracic extension (good posture). This movement will literally pull your body back into a strong posture.

Impact Of The Deadlift: Core Stability

Another result of the deadlift that will transform your strength and health involves the development of core stability.

However what it is core stability?

Many people misunderstand this concept by associating it with developing abdominal strength. Abdominal strength has very little to do with core strength.

Core stability involves you being able to brace your midsection and development intra-abdominal pressure within your trunk during physical exertion by properly being able to brace your trunk muscles.

To reinforce your execution of this you have to understand a power breathing technique known as the valsalva maneuver.

In addition to this as you get more proficient at pulling the deadlift you’re creating more intra-abdominal strength in order to stabilize and secure your spine during the movement. So while you’re building greater core stability you’ll also develop a hell of a strong back as well.

Impact Of The Deadlift: The Takeaway

Keep in mind you can also implement different variations of the deadlift in order to achieve core stability. You can perform the deadlift using different implements involving the barbell, trap bar, kettlebell, sandbag, or even a dumbbell.

A smart execution of this movement and the different variations will transform your physical function and appearance allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.

What variations of the deadlift do you perform? 

How often do you include the deadlift in your training? 

Post up and share here in the comments below. 

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