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4 Ballistic Kettlebell Workouts For Building Insane Work Capacity

4 Ballistic Kettlebell Workouts For Building Insane Work Capacity

  1. Are you interested in building a great deal more cardiovascular work capacity while speeding up your fitness gains? 
  2. Are you looking to give your fitness, recovery, and functional strength a serious upgrade? 
  3. Have you been in search of a few simple, but effective workouts that you can apply to transform your body and mind? 
  4. Are you interested in learning more about how you integrate kettlebells into your strength and conditioning workouts? 

If you’re serious about your fitness and being time efficient with your strength and conditioning then this article is going to be right up your alley. So it’s no secret that kettlebell workouts can be leveraged for some ballistic movements. As a result, kettlebell workouts can demand a lot of strength and a great deal of work output when training them efficiently. So today I want to introduce 4 ballistic workouts you can use with a single kettlebell to give your fitness and cardiovascular work capacity a serious upgrade. These workouts are designed to allow you to build on your work capacity so you’ll have more in the tank when you need to get in the day’s work!

Ballistic Kettlebell Workouts

Big red kettlebell for kettlebell workouts

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1) Kettlebell Swings For 200 Reps: This workout is pretty simple and straightforward. After you make sure your hips are good and primed for some swings start the challenge of this first in line of these kettlebell workouts by performing 10 sets of 20 swings with a moderately heavy kettlebell.

This will bring your total number of swings for this workout to 200 killer reps. To make this workout a greater challenge simply perform the same 10 sets of 20 reps with a heavier kettlebell, or if you don’t have a heavier kettlebell available simply add 10 swings to your 20 rep set count bringing your set count to 30 which will in turn bring your total to 300 swings!

2) Kettlebell Swings To Push Ups: The key to efficiency when leveraging ballistic kettlebell workouts in my opinion is often times being able to take advantage of getting the training in with a relatively small space. Additionally it’s always easier if you make a quick transition from one movement to another without wasting a lot of time, or without being disrupted.

This workout is perfect for helping you to do just that. For the kettlebell swings to push ups you’re going to perform the movements as they are listed. First, perform a set of kettlbell swings and then immediately superset push ups.

For a challenge start out with a moderately heavy kettlebell and perform 20 swings followed by 10 push-ups per set. Perform 10 rounds of this combination bringing your grand total of swings and push-ups to 300 repetitions.

Make sure your proficient with kettlebell swings and push-ups before attempting this particular workout!

Brandon Richey Fitness strength student Jeff Perry getting in his swings during his kettlebell workouts

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3) Kettlebell Swings To Sprints: I would suggest grinding through this one outdoors. All you need is your kettlebell and some flat open space.

Start out by marking off a straight flat running lane of 30 yards (or 30 paces/long strides). Next, you’re going to line up at one end of the sprint lane you just marked off and crank out a set of 20 kettlebell swings with a moderately heavy kettlbell.

Once you complete the set of swings you’re immediately going to sprint the 30 yard distance. Walk back and recover before repeating the next set. For a challenge the idea is to perform 10 rounds of 20 swings and 30 yard sprints bringing your total number of swings to 200 and your sprint yards to 300 giving you a grand total of 500 repetitions for this workout.

4) Kettlebell Swings To Mountain Climbers: Once again the magic in developing some serious cardiovascular work capacity and functional strength is in a simple plan and set up.

The beauty here is that you only need a moderately heavy kettlebell in order to pull this off. So keep in mind if your kettlebell is lighter or heavier you can scale the reps to match your individual fitness level and ability.

To start this workout simply perform 20 kettlebell swings, set your kettlebell down, and immediately transition to the ground to perform a set of mountain climbers. So make sure when you’re performing your mountain climber to keep your body streamlined. Consequently you only want to bring your knees straight up and down from an upright push-up position to your chest.

Count each repetition of the mountain climber by counting off of the second knee raised. Perform the 20 kettlebell swings followed by supersetting 10 mountain climbers. Set your goal at doing 10 rounds of this combination bringing your total rep count to 300 repetitions.

So to challenge yourself you can also use a timer and time yourself to see how long it takes you to complete this kettlebell workout. If you do choose to time yourself I would caution that you don’t hurry to finish just for the sake of beating the clock. As a result, your workout shouldn’t diminish at the expense of the quality of the exercises. Therefore, if you’re going to do them faster make sure you can do them right!

Ballistic Kettlebell Workouts: The Takeaway

Kettlebells combined with bodyweight and structured in the form of an effective HIIT workout are great for torching body fat, building insane cardiovascular work capacity, and for optimizing your fitness. So make sure you study all exercises and execute them with the highest level of quality before starting into more advanced training. To sum it up, the last thing you need is a blown hamstring, or to walk into work the day after regretting life.

Are you currently incorporating ballistic kettlebell workouts like this in your own training? 

What other exercises do you like to combine with your kettlebell movements for HIIT type workouts? 

Post up and share below in the comments.

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