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Squat Technique – 2 Exercises To Help You Master Proper Squat Form!

Squat Technique – 2 Exercises to Help You Master Proper Squat Form!

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The squat is a wonderful exercise that is great for developing leg strength, core stability, and overall fitness. If you are looking to either learn how to properly perform a squat or if you just want to improve your own technique then you need to give the following 2 drills a try. Remember that practice is the key, but you must practice with flawless technique!

1. Wall Squats with a Kettlebell: For this particular squat exercise you are going to need a wall and a kettlebell. Now normally when you think of wall squats you think of doing them with your back to the wall. However, for this particular drill we are going to perform it by facing the wall! The kettlebell’s role here is to be used primarily as a marker. To begin, you want to be facing a wall with your feet about shoulder width distance apart.

The kettlebell should be right in the middle of your feet. Your feet should only be about 3 to 5 inches away from the wall. The next thing you want to do is to begin the descent of the squat. You must do so in a controlled manner or you will bump your knees or your head against the wall. Obviously this is what you will want to avoid doing. You will find that your back will be quick to tense up along your spine. This is normal and is the way for correct form squats. Its muscular tension. You want to progressively go lower and lower until you are able to touch the handle of the kettlebell and eventually even be able to pick it up. Don’t frog your knees. Keep everything parallel.

2. Chair or Box Squats: For this drill you will need the use of either a chair or a box. You will want to align your feet right in front of the chair or box with your feet about shoulder width distance in length. From here it is simple. Make sure that you sit your rear back and bend at the hips and knees. Descend until your rear just touches the chair or box and then stand back up. You can eventually execute more challenging squats with this exercise by adding weight, using a lower box or chair, or by doing both. This is a sure way to improve and learn proper squat form.

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