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Kettlebell Squats – 2 Versions For Women To Use To Get A Tight Butt!

Kettlebell Squats – 2 Versions For Women to Use to Get a Tight Butt!

For you ladies that are serious about fitness and want to achieve a superior level of fitness then tune in to learn and apply the 2 versions of kettlebell squats I have included below. For the following 2 drills all you will need is a moderately heavy kettlebell and the willingness to work! Read and learn:
1. Kettlebell Clean And Squat: For this drill you will start by placing the kettlebell right in the middle of your feet. Your feet should be about shoulder width distance apart. From here simply squat down to pick up the bell and perform a clean bringing the kettlebell to your chest level. From here simply execute a series of front-loaded squats. When you descend in the squat make sure that you go as deep as you can. As a matter of fact you should try to go deep enough to allow the elbow of the arm that is holding the bell to touch the inside of your knee. Try to execute 15 reps on each side.
2. Kettlebell Squat And Lunge Complex: For this drill simply start just as you did with the clean and squat. Clean the kettlebell to your chest. From here execute a squat just as you did before. As soon as you finish the squat then transition into lunging forward with the opposite leg that the kettlebell is loaded on. For instance, if you clean and perform the kettlebell squat with the kettlebell in your right hand then after you squat perform a lunge with your left leg. Count each combination as a single repetition. Attempt to perform 5 repetitions on each side. If you want a tight butt then keep including both of these combinations into your arsenal of kettlebell lifts. Fat-loss and weight-loss will not be too far away after executing these lifts into your program.
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