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Power Plyometrics – Transforming Your Body Into A Machine Of Explosive Power!

Power Plyometrics – Transforming Your Body Into a Machine of Explosive Power!

Peter at plyometrics by Simi Valley Boot CampTractor Tire Jumps at Crossfit Pleasanton by ReActive Gym

In order for you to get into shape fast and to have the characteristics of explosive athletic quality then you need to include plyometrics into your program. The key is to be competent on how to properly execute these intense drills. Make sure that you either have the proper knowledge and guidance before attempting these on your own!

1. 12″ Hurdle Bounds: For this drill you will need to have six 12″ hurdles on hand to execute the drill. Make sure you have a good surface to run and jump on in order to attempt this drill. To begin, line up the hurdles in a straight line with about 12 to 14 inches distance between each hurdle. Next, you are going to bound over each hurdle by continuously transitioning from one over the next. Make sure that each jump is executed in good form and that your knees come up in front of your body with every bound. This will train your body to respond quickly by having to “spring you” through each bound! You will develop tremendous quickness, leg power, and explosive strength by utilizing this drill!

2. 12″ Hurdle Lateral Bounds: This drill is set up exactly like the one I mentioned above. The difference here though will required you to have more body control and coordination. For this drill you will simply turn your body so that you are facing perpendicular away from the hurdle. Here you will be bounding (or jumping) the hurdles laterally (sideways) in continuous succession. Once again, make sure that you keep your knees coming up in front of you with each bound and that you keep your feet parallel to one another without allowing them to cross. Crossing your feet will result in you unsuccessfully completing the drill. Once you bound going in one direction simply come back leading your body on the opposite side for symmetry. You will develop some fine body-control and optimal athletic performance from practicing this drill!

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