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How To Develop Explosive Upper Body Force And Arm Strength

How To Develop Explosive Upper Body Force And Arm Strength

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How To Develop Explosive Upper Body Force And Arm Strength

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In today’s blogisode I’m honing in on targeting the explosive development of the upper body. Upper body chest, core, and arm strength are essential in the development of the total athlete. Just as an athlete must produce significant force to execute a vertical jump he or she must also have significant upper body power for the purpose of pushing and punching. Check it out. 

Explosive Upper Body Power…

Surprisingly often times I notice that many training programs fail to address the development of significant upper body power. This is something that seems to be brushed aside by many coaches simply because there may be enough satisfaction with an athlete being able to conquer an impressive amount of weight on the bench press.

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Granted a 400 lb. bench is an impressive feat, but so is having the ability to do explosive push ups off the floor, having quick hands for fighting, and being able to move with overall speed and precision. 

You see just having the ability to lift heavy weight is great, but for optimal athleticism we want to combine that kind of strength with the development of specific power production drills. This can be done in a number of different ways from one using his or her own body resistance all the way to utilizing medicine balls and bands. Case in point. 





As you can see the medicine ball plyometric push ups are a great way not only to produce upper body power, but they are tremendous for improving upper body control and coordination as well. To me the key to the development of strength and speed involve a hybrid type of training that involves the implementation of both of these specific movement factors.  

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Now there are certainly other characteristics involved in the development of speed during strength training movements as well. Because of this I’m also a big believer in performing unilateral movements in order to foster greater stability during certain movements and lifts. One great way of doing this is by hammering out some dumbbell bench presses. 

Because each side is independently stabilizing a dumbbell we create greater stability throughout the pushing process and if we want to take this a step further then dropping one dumbbell altogether in order to perform some single arm presses is a rock solid way of engaging the body for greater core and shoulder stability. Additionally it’ll help you to develop some sick arm strength along with giving you a pair of triceps the size of Texas. 





The point is that we need to stop neglecting the very crucial element of upper body power production. The key to performance is making sure that we touch on developing all the elements that go into the process of athletic movement. If we don’t then we are stuck with the athlete going into competition with an athletic standing that may be full of gaps. Remember…we don’t need gaps! Don’t forget that our end goal should be that we should fill those gaps.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post on explosive upper body development. If you have any questions please don’t be shy to post up in the comment box below this article. Keep training smart. 

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How To Develop Explosive Upper Body Power And Arm Strength





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