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Water Resistance – 2 Body Fat Destroying Exercises You Can Do In The Pool!

Water Resistance – 2 Body Fat Destroying Exercises You Can Do in the Pool!

If you want to try a new workout this Summer in the pool, then this is going to be right down your alley. Water resistance is a great way to exert your body and add a different type of stress than you are used to. The key is to make sure you have access to a pool, of course. Take the time to learn the 2 following drills in order to get a huge workout.

1. High Knee Kicks: For starters you will want to stand in about waist or belly button level water. Start the drill at one end of the pool. To gain optimal benefit you will want to try to have a distance of about 10 yards of the same level of water for the purpose of this exercise. Begin the pool workout by driving a knee forcefully until your leg is partially out of the water. When your leg emerges simply lower it and drive the opposite leg up in the same fashion. As you are doing this you will want to make sure that you are progressing forward to the other side of the pool for the 10 yards. Attempt 5 sets continuously before resting.

2. Squat Jumps: To begin this drill you will want to stand in the same level water as mentioned in the high knee drill. Stand with your feet about shoulder width distance apart or slightly wider. From here you will want to forcefully initiate a counter movement by squatting and simultaneously swinging your arms down and back driving them through the water. Once you are at the bottom of your squat then forcefully explode upward extending your knees and hips until your are jumping and coming up out of the water. You will want to continue to do every rep in succession. You will quickly see the huge amount of exertion this will put on your body and your cardiovascular conditioning as well.

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