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Volleyball Spiking Supremacy – 2 Kettlebell Drills To Get The Volleyball Player Spiking Power!

Volleyball Spiking Supremacy – 2 Kettlebell Drills to Get the Volleyball Player Spiking Power!

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If you are a serious volleyball player you know that there is no move on the court better than the infamous spike! Spiking the ball is like putting the nail in the coffin. You attack the net and blast the ball down on the opposing team leaving no promise of a return volley! However, in order to execute this particular move you have to have a sufficient amount of athleticism to pull it off. If you are interested in helping your own game to develop this sort of spiking supremacy I have included 2 kettlebell drills here that will help you to do just that.

1. Full Range Kettlebell Swings: For this particular drill you will need the availability of a single kettlebell of moderate resistance. The objective is to perform a swinging motion by initiating the hip snap in order to create enough force to swing the kettlebell in a full range arc from between your legs all the way up to above your head! The hip snap is carried out by smoothly and continuously flexing and extending at both your knees and hip. This back and forth motion will allow you to carry out the full motion of the full range swing. This is great for developing superior hip power and leg explosiveness which are necessary traits for attacking the net for an effective spike.

2. The Kettlebell Snatch: For this particular drill you will also need a single bell of moderate resistance. In order to properly perform this drill you have to first be familiar with performing the single-arm kettlebell swing and high pull. Once you are capable of both of these particular kettlebell lifts you will be able to effectively perform the overhead snatch. The snatch is performed by you pulling the bell up from between your legs driving your elbow up and back beside your head. The movement should almost mimic the same motion as pulling back on a bow. Once the bell is elevated to a lateral position next to your head you then vertically punch your palm above your head locking out both your elbow and shoulder. The bell should not “bang” your wrist. It should smoothly transition over your wrist and lay on the back of your forearm. This is a fantastic strength and power drill that radically resembles the movement involved in an actual “spiking motion!” If you get good at these I promise your volleyball game will drastically improve.

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