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Ultimate Abs – 2 Exercises To Get You A Strong Fit Core!

Ultimate Abs – 2 Exercises to Get You a Strong Fit Core!

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Abs, core, stomach area, or waistline take your pick with the name of the area between your chest and your hips. This is the basic part of the body that most people are unhappy with when it comes down to their appearance. Well, never fear because there is a way around that obstacle you call a belly. Permit yourself a minute to read the following 2 drills that you can implement in order to help you to spike your metabolism to burn fat, to help harden that troublesome area, and to get you stronger in the process!

1. Walkout Planks: This is an interesting and dynamic drill that involves you having to really utilize your entire body while forcing your core muscles to stabilize you in the process. To begin, stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. From here simply crouch down and place your hands on the ground in front of you. With your hands on the ground and keeping your feet in the same spot walkout on your hands until your body is fully extended into an upright push-up position.

From here simply lower yourself down onto your forearms with your body suspended above the ground in a plank position. This is where you will experience the tension on your abs. From here simply reverse the whole process by pushing yourself back up into an upright push-up position and walking yourself back to a standing position. All of this consist of a single repetition. For starters, attempt to execute about 10 of these before resting. You will quickly see how fat-loss and six pack abs are a possibility with this drill!

2. Walkout Plank Push-Ups: This drill is basically performed the same exact way as the normal walkout planks with the exception that you will perform a standard push-up in the process. The push-up in this drill is included at the point when you are coming out of the plank after extending yourself on the ground. Before reversing the whole process to walk back to a standing position execute a standard push-up first. After the push-up then walk yourself back to the standing position. This added move will certainly promote additional intensity to the drill thereby helping you along your journey of getting ripped! Give it a try.

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