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The Kettlebell Fat Terminator – The Swing And Push-Up Combination Totalling 400 Reps!

The Kettlebell Fat Terminator – The Swing and Push-Up Combination Totalling 400 Reps!

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You may now be familiar with the very common kettlebell exercise known as the swing. This is the base lift with the kettlebell that involves the pull method in my training philosophy. This is an exercise that targets hundreds of muscles and generates an awesome production of lean muscle mass and terminates fat completely! With this article I’m going to combine a push method of 10 different styles of push-ups totaling 100 reps with 300 reps with the swing to make it a physically mind-blowing workout of 400 reps.

To start, you need to come up with 10 different styles of push-ups. If you can’t do that off of the top of your head then I’ll make it easy for you. Focus on weight distribution by taking one or more of your limbs out of the movement. For instance, if you are pretty advanced then simply get into an upright push-up position and lift one of your legs off of the ground and do 10 push-ups that way. To come up with another style simply switch legs. This immediately gives you 2 different styles. You can move on to do the same thing with your arms. The key is to come up with 10 different styles to do 10 repetitions with if you can. If you simply can’t come up with 10 styles then you can stick to the same old traditional way. To execute the workout you want to complete 30 double-arm swings with the bell and then immediately without rest hit 10 repetitions of one of your styles of push-ups. After each combination only give yourself about 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds rest.

At first, the rest time will seem too long, but you will find out real fast that about 6 to 7 sets into the workout you will wish it was longer. This is one kettlebell strength training workout that is a sure Fat Terminator!

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