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The Bell Press – The Single Best Shoulder Exercise For Ultimate Strength!

The Bell Press – The Single Best Shoulder Exercise For Ultimate Strength!

If you are looking for an exercise that is sure to power up the strength of your shoulders and upper body it involves the overhead kettlebell press. This lift can be done with either a single bell or a pair. To achieve a superior amount of shoulder strength you must learn how to properly execute this lift with the kettlebell.
To begin, you must execute and have a sound clean to properly position the kettlebell at your chest for pressing. From here you must be aware of how to press the kettlebell. I will tell you right now that pressing a kettlebell is completely different from pressing a dumbell. The kettlebell’s design makes the mechanics of the press substantially different. Also, even though you are pressing the kettlebell overhead you are not using the shoulder, as much as, you are pressing from your lat. As you stand with the kettlebell at the racked position make sure that your wrist is locked and in a straight line. From here when you press the kettlebell you should do so in a “circular” motion. You will find pressing the bell “straight up” is nearly impossible and is not very natural on the shoulder.
You must learn how to suck your shoulder into the socket. As you press the bell you should round your arm by allowing your bicep to start close to your body from the clean, to circle out away from your body, and then finally to return close to your body at the end of the press with your bicep next to your head. As you press the bell overhead you should lock out your elbow and the handle of the bell should be resting right in the groove of your palm. To ensure you have the correct overhead held position of the bell you should be able to straighten your fingers and even wiggle them while you still have the kettlebell in the overhead pressed position. This is no doubt one of the best shoulder exercises for mass and strength.
If you haven’t already included kettlebells into your personal shoulder muscle building exercises then you are missing out. This ancient tool is superior to all when it comes to developing you powerful hips, an unmatched core, and the shoulders of a dominant fighter! Take the time to learn about kettlebells and kettlebell training by accessing the rest of my articles on the matter for free. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend!
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