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Simplify Your Training Needs…A Good Steak, Big Lifts, And Some Hocus Pocus Inspiration!

Simplify Your Training Needs…A Good Steak, Big Lifts, And Some Hocus Pocus Inspiration!

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No doubt there is a lot that goes into developing any killer strength training and conditioning program. The goal of every strength coach should be that the athlete/participant engaging in the program can acquire the needs they are striving for in order to be successful in achieving their goals. Now I’ll be the first one to admit that there is definitely a science to coming up with a game plan for each kind of athlete and individual for that matter, but it’s not an exact science. One thing that irritates me as a coach is that sometimes coaches/trainers and participants try to overcomplicate things which usually ends up inhibiting trainees more than helping them. That’s why it’s important to just keep things simple.

What You NEED Is…

First of all, if you are looking at implementing a strength and conditioning program and are limited on resources, guidance, and time to put forth a lot of self study then the best thing in the world for you to do is to keep things simple. I am always surprising new trainees when they see how I go about simplifying things whenever they start a strength training program with me. I think more times than not they expect me to pull a fat rabbit out the hat, or to breathe dragon fire and use some sort of magical spell to completely transform their physical makeup in record time. Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but I think you know the point I’m driving at you.

Convict Conditioning, Volume 2: The Ultimate Bodyweight Squat Course

Now when I say that I simplify I don’t mean that the strength training part of it is easy. I just mean that I’m making things make sense and making it easy to comprehend so that the trainee can grasp what I’m talking about to more easily succeed in executing what I’m wanting them to perform. If we really break this down to the brass tacks we could say that no matter the athlete or the individual I think you can go a long ways by making sure you have a plan that includes at the very least a good steak, some big lifts, and maybe a little hocus pocus inspiration to get it done! Please join me as we take a closer look at these three variables.

1. A Good Steak: I use the Good Steak as a reason for having adequate protein consumption. Obviously if you are a vegetarian then you have your methods, but for me personally I prefer a good cut of steak or serving of eggs, chicken, and on occasion fish. Protein intake is essential in the success of your strength training program. Protein helps to repair soft tissues and broken down muscle. If you want to make serious progress and kick a lot of a*s in your strength training program then make sure you’re getting enough protein. A safe rule to follow is to make sure that you’re getting around 1.5 g to 2 g/kg of bodyweight.

2. Big Lifts: Now when I talk about big lifts I’m not saying you’ve got to go world’s strongman crazy. However, by including multi-joint lifts with a respectable and challenging load to move around into the foundation of your strength training sessions you will start seeing some big time results! As a matter of fact, if you included nothing more than some solid deadlifting, some kettlebell swings, and push ups then it’s safe to say that your strength training program would be pretty damn solid.

3. Some Hocus Inspiration:Now earlier I touched on and even gave a metaphorical towel pop to the belief that some folks expect me to perform some magical feat when it comes to unravelling my strength training methods to them. I’ve made the point that even the best programs have a simple foundation in terms of basic principle and organization. However, if there is one element that does have some hocus pocus to it, it is an individual’s inspiration. What inspires you?

GNC Live Well

If you expect to succeed at any strength training program, at a business, or just in life in general you’ve got to have inspiration from somewhere. You’ve got to have dreams and motivation to put one foot in front of the other so that you can make the progress that you desire the most. Even I CAN’T make you do that. Inspiration has to be an individual choice and sought after. All my best strength training students have been motivated by something. Motivation is driven by HOPE, and if there is no HOPE then there is no motivation.

To sum it up, you can get a long ways by just grabbing the simple BULL by the horns and riding the basics all the way to the land of RESULTS. Ok, maybe that was a bit corny, but I don’t care because it’s my blog and I can write whatever the hell I want to on it. I think you get the picture.

The bottom line is that if you are feeling overwhelmed then slow down and simplify your plan. If you need additional guidance in doing so then you need place your order for my Better Than Steroids ebook right here:

In addition to this please remember to come and LIKE my new page on Facebook! If you haven’t already then you are going to force me to put a hocus pocus spell on you! Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!



I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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