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Squats – 2 Types Of Squats To Give You Beach-Body Worthy Legs And Glutes!

Squats – 2 Types of Squats to Give You Beach-Body Worthy Legs and Glutes!

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If you want to be quick on your way to having that “beach-body” you need to participate in trying to master squats. This exercise has many benefits that all contribute to nothing less than obtaining total-body fitness. There are many variations of squats, but this article will give you 2 types that will surely give you the foundation that you are looking for.

1. Rhythm Squats: This exercise is a lower-body blast that will give you tremendous definition in your leg muscles and are also great for conditioning purposes. You can do these either free-standing or with an added load. Begin by standing with your feet about shoulder-width distance like a normal squat position. Next execute 10 normal squats. Immediately after you do the 10 normal squats execute 10 more squats, but this time pop-up onto your toes after the squat. You should execute each squat by starting flat footed as usual only coming up on the balls of the feet at the end of each squat and returning to a flat-footed position. Alternate the normal with the popping-up on the balls of your feet back and forth 10 reps at a time until you do 50 total reps! These are definite squats for fat-loss and athletic performance.

2. Rhythm Squats with a Vertical Jump: Just like the ones described above these are even more effective and slightly more advanced. Here you want to start just like I described above. Execute the 10 normal squats immediately doing 10 pop-ups on the balls of the feet, and thirdly complete a squat jump for the final 10 repetitions. Alternate each type of squat every 10 reps until you get to 60 full repetitions! All squat jumps should be done in nonstop succession. This is a seriously effective movement for developing superior fitness and enhancing your vertical jump muscles.

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