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3 Must Have Sprint Conditioning Drills For Function

3 Must Have Sprint Conditioning Drills For Function

  1. Are you neglecting your gait movement pattern? 
  2. Do you incorporate sprinting, or sprint variations into your conditioning? 
  3. Are you looking for an effective HIIT workout for your training? 
  4. Are you interesting in building an more aesthetic and athletic body? 

I’m always amazed that some people will spend so much time inside the gym, but never get outdoors to move and train sprint conditioning drills. It’s almost as if society has everyone convinced that four walls and a weight room is the only way to build physical function and a strong body. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sprint Conditioning Drills 

One of the best forms of conditioning you can adopt for yourself is sprinting, or sprint conditioning drills. Sprints themselves are highly effective in helping you to blowtorch a ton of calories, but are also an integral movement in helping you to develop an optimal level of physical function. Additionally the sprint movement can be broken down into variations to challenge you and to allow you to hone your skill of sprinting without the need for a lot of space. I’ve included some examples of some highly effective sprint conditioning drills and variations for you to adopt here.

1) High knee sprints in place:

Assuming you are not a complete stranger to sprinting you can practice honing your sprint technique by sprinting in place. You can do this by driving your knees up and down and emphasizing your elbow and arm drive during the movement.

While doing this you want to make sure that you’re driving off of the ground on the balls of your feet. You can increase the challenge by loading up and wearing a weighted vest, or if you have the resources you can anchor a bungee and fight against some resistance this way.

2) Agility ladder linear high knee sprints: 

When utilizing the agility ladder for linear high knee sprints the ladder serves as a training visual to hone your sprint gait. Since the ladder has squares you can utilize the squares to dial in where your foot strikes the ground.

This will help to train you to develop knee drive and effective foot placement which is necessary for producing sprint speed and for helping you to develop a more impactful plyometric response in your feet and legs for the sprint.

3) 3-cone lateral high knees

This is obviously a very impactful sprint drill that you can implement with little to no space. All you need is three agility cones, but if you don’t have those you can make an easy substitution with some empty water bottles.

The lateral high knee movement involved here is great for reinforcing knee drive just like the agility ladder linear high knee sprints, but I also like utilizing the lateral movement to emphasize arm and elbow drive as well.

You see for your sprinting to be effective you’ve got learn how to offset your arm drive with your knee drive. If you watch the video carefully you’ll see that when my right knee is up my left arm is forward and when my left knee is up my right arm is forward. Of course this is a natural run gait, but this drill forces you to have to think about it in the beginning up until the point that it becomes trained in you.

Sprint Conditioning Drills: The Takeaway

Sprinting is an optimal way to condition your body, but the act of sprinting is a lost skill for many people. It’s as if most people hang it up after their peak years of high school sports. This is too bad, because the benefits of sprinting and sprint type drills are huge for building both aesthetics and function.

Do you currently incorporate sprinting, or sprint type drills into your training? 

How often do you sprint? 

Post up and share here below in the comments. 

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