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Pull-Ups – 3 Steps To Take In Order To Execute A Single Pull-up!

Pull-Ups – 3 Steps to Take in Order to Execute a Single Pull-up!

The infamous pull-up is a great measure of upper body strength that most people are incapable of doing. Most people think that it is unrealistic for them to achieve this impressive measure of strength. The fact is that with consistent and repetitive practice this exercise can be achieved by virtually anyone.
Step 1: I first want to start out by assuming that you are totally incapable of doing a pull-up, but have at least enough upper body strength to hang from the bar. Assuming this you are at the start of being able to execute a pull-up. To begin all you have to do is somehow hoist yourself up and hold your body up with your chin above the bar for as long as possible. You can use a spotter for each of these steps if necessary. As you get better at this increase the amount of time you hold yourself above the bar.
Step 2: After consistently practicing by holding yourself above the bar you then will move on to the controlled descent. This is where you control the downward movement of your body until your arms are fully extended. Descend as slowly as you can. Repeat this 2 or 3 times in a row with a spotter if needed. Eventually move up to practicing for one set 2 to 3 times a day everyday.
Step 3: As you get good at the controlled descent then utilize your spotter for an assist in you pulling yourself up from the hanging position. Hang from the bar and with assistance from the spotter pull-up and control your descent. Repeat this process and practice frequently as before.
In time your strength will explode with this exercise. Remember that you must practice. This is the tip of the iceberg when talking about accomplishing super feats of strength!
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