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Outdoor MMA Strength Training And Performance

Outdoor MMA Strength Training And Performance

  1. Are you familiar with how an outdoor arena can transform your MMA strength training program? 
  2. Are you looking for dynamic strength drills to significantly improve your fitness and MMA strength training program? 
  3. Do you feel like you can’t develop an MMA strength training program without the availability of a fully stocked gym? 
  4. Are you interested in building a lean, strong, athletic body that is fit for fighting? 

There are many advantages to taking your MMA strength training outside. Over the years I’ve taken many fighters outdoors for their MMA strength training sessions. The thing is that space can dictate how you approach your day’s training. With more space you’re capable of performing movements that might not be feasible for an indoor environment. Continue reading to learn more.

MMA Strength Training Outdoors

One of the biggest advantages to taking your MMA strength training outdoors is the space. Thats right, unless you’ve got thousands and thousands of square footage to move around in inside then every now and then you’ve got to throw a wrench in things and move the training outdoors.

One reason I love doing this is that I can implement some kettlebell training into the mix while combining other varying degrees of functional strength such as drags, throws, and other running related drills. Additionally by moving your strength training session outdoors you can also be more aggressive with the implementation of more ballistic strength training movements.

For many years I’ve taken guys and girls outside to work on their functional strength and power development using kettlebells, medicine balls, and sand bags. Using these tools along with the additional space provided in an outdoor arena I could easily set up stations for throwing sandbags, medicine balls, and combining kettlebell lifts with open field sprint work. This is highly advantageous for building athleticism and a strong lean powerful body fit for fighting.

Outdoor Ballistic MMA Strength Training

The outdoor training arena allows you to achieve more functional working power. You are able to do this by being able to utilize lifts and throws that are practical and relevant to the sport of MMA. Not only are these particular strength and conditioning drills relevant to MMA, but they are very practical to everyday life as well.  

A key element you can employ for your outdoor strength training is incorporating more ballistic strength training movements. One way to do this is by leveraging the power of a ballistic medicine ball to perform some overhead throws to runs which an outdoor training arena makes conveniently possible.  

The overhead medicine ball throw to run is the perfect combination of an explosive strength movement combined with an element of conditioning with you having to chase the ball down to perform a subsequent overhead throw.

The key to developing explosive power for leg strikes such as kicking involves a few factors. The first is hip mobility, then rotational strength, and the final is being able to initiate triple extension of your ankles, knees, and hips which directly influences your lower body explosive power development. The overhead medicine ball throw is a great way to work on that triple extension for your lower body power.

The second characteristic I mentioned for being able to deliver some seriously devastating leg kicks is rotational strength. Another way for you to improve on this when leveraging the outdoor training arena is by performing some rotational medicine ball throws. These are great for working on your trunk rotation by having to bring the ball across your body to forcefully throw it a distance out in front of you.

This is obviously great to perform outdoors as you can focus on training the transverse plane of motion and really dial in your rotational trunk strength which is crucial for your striking skills in MMA and fight performance.

Outdoor MMA Strength Training: The Takeaway

Remember that taking your MMA strength training program outdoors can be a huge advantage. As a strength coach my entire plan for training competitive athletes and fighters is looking for an opportunity to fill gaps in a trainee’s fitness and ability level. Taking your training outdoors can help to fill some of those gaps by focusing the day’s training on more explosive athletic movements.

Are you currently doing any fight strength training outdoors?

Are you utilizing the medicine ball, or kettlebell for your MMA strength training program?

Post up in the comments here below and tell us about it.

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Brandon Richey Fitness strength student and IKF women's national champion Victoria Debroux showing off her championship beltIt’s changing lives already!


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