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My 1 Day Fitness Challenge…No Easy Way Out!

My 1 Day Fitness Challenge…No Easy Way Out!


Ivan Drago by mirpkered

Today it seems that all the buzz on the internet and TV involves some sort of fitness challenge. Everything from the 90 day fitness challenge, to the 30 day fitness challenge, to the fastest hot dog eating challenge have taken everything by storm. It seems that everything has to be labeled a challenge before it can be a challenge that is pursued by anybody to get any results. Well after a bit of brainstorming and some time to come up with a challenge of my own I have decided to unleash My One Day Fitness Challenge! That’s right, my challenge for you is only a day! You know me, I like keeping things simple. Just keep reading.

No Easy Way Out…

So the point is that these days people seem to easily get caught up in themes, perceptions, and labels. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about people allowing the emotions of others to drive their decisions to like, embrace, or try something that they probably never thought of before regardless of how stupid or even how useful it may be.

This can involve scenarios as ridiculous as some 150 lb. man inhaling 40 hot dogs in 5 minutes, or from a crowd of grown women thinking that a skinny, pale, sickly looking guy that sparkles like a disco ball in sunlight is somehow a fantasy. Neither one of these really makes any sense to me, but both seem to have their own fanbase and are a smash hit with their select following. Why is this you ask? I have no idea, but I can at least make some sense of the whole Fitness Challenge thing which brings me to the rest of this blogisode!

So like I was saying the Fitness Challenge scenario is all over the place and it is times like this that I like to refer to a great resource that most anyone can relate to when it comes to any valuable challenge in life. Yes, I like to refer to a time where communism used to be considered a bad word, the U.S. had a clear adversary, and we always cheered for the underdog. Yep, I’m talking about Rocky IV.

So remember after Ivan Drago killed Apollo and Rocky went out for a drive in the middle of the night after fighting with his wife? Yes, I know you remember. You also remember that typical 80’s pop song There’s No Easy Way Out! This is the point I’m trying to make. The point is that there is no easy way out of being a lazy slug. One way or another, challenge or no challenge, you’ve got to make a decision at some point in your life to get off your rear and move your ass! If Rocky sang about it then it’s good enough for me.

So what is the 1 day fitness challenge? Well, everyone is so hung up on a specified number of days. The 30, 60, 90, 120 day this or that is how you can get your butt in shape. How long will it take before X, Y, or Z happens? The answer is that it all depends on YOU. Every individual is different. People have different genetics, knowledge, commitment, and behaviors. Personalities vary tremendously which is why there is no REAL set guarantee that anyone will achieve the level of physical success they desire within a given time frame.

Now with all that being said how can I set a 1 Day Challenge? I must be losing my mind to think I have an Easy Way Out! Well, the truth is that I don’t have an Easy Way Out and my 1 day idea is no more ridiculous than a 90 day idea. No, you didn’t misread that last sentence and NO I don’t have an Easy Way Out, but I do have a real GUT CHECK for you!

The Challenge…

If you want to participate in a REAL challenge with some REAL substance then you need to implement this one. If you are a newbie then you first need to have the will to get up and move in the first place. Once you have convinced yourself to seek revenge on your body the way Rocky did on Drago you can move on to the next thing. You see by making this simple decision you have already started to make progress. Assuming you are physically cleared and are ready to take the next step you need to seek out the knowledge on how to master what I call a priority lift or exercise.

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So what is a priority lift or exercise? In short, my definition of this involves some multi-joint functionally based exercise that will help you to maximize core and hip strength. Some examples of this are variations of squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and for a more specific choice the kettlebell turkish get up. The challenge with these exercises is that there is a great deal of technique involved in teaching a true novice any of these lifts for the first time.

All of these lifts require proper progression in both the learning process and in there advanced execution. Trust me, if you are a newbie to strength and are properly taught effective dynamic warm up and the progression of trying to execute a drill such as the deadlift you will experience a challenge, especially if it is done properly. If you don’t already have a qualified trainer or coach then yours truly will be glad to help you out.

Once you are into learning and attempting to carve some level of muscle function into your body other than couch sitting then you will be well on your way to attempting to master one of these priority lifts. The learning curve for getting to a point to where you are at least executing one of these priority lifts at a respectable level should take about a day or typical 45 minute to an hour long training session and that is your challenge. The value of this is that generally any single one of these priority lifts will benefit you tremendously by enabling you to  develop more motor control for better body movement. Better body movement means more results.

MMA Overload

You see the problem with a lot of these 90 and 120 day fitness challenges for some folks is that many individuals lack the base line of strength and motor control to start one of these challenges let alone coming back for round 2 to when they haven’t even progressed from round 1. It seems that people these days have forgotten that whole concept of progression. Everyone wants to go into BEAST MODE and motor through the Burpee/Pull Up complexes, but they are unable to effectively perform a Pull Up or a Burpee. It’s like some guy dying to take a race car around the track, but he is unable to drive a stick. It just isn’t logical.

If you are going to tap out and in the words of Ivan Drago allow it to “Break You,” then you have no worries. If you like challenge simply because someone calls a scenario a challenge then saddle up cowboy (or cowgirl) and move your rear!

If you need some help along the way you can get your own copy of my ebook Better Than Steroids right here! It’s a great catalyst to help you to get out of couch mode!

In addition to this if you happen to be a Kindle reader you can now subscribe to my blog here on Amazon! I can now infiltrate your digital reader. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend. Start your smart training today.



I'm a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and author. I have had over 17 years experience in MMA fitness, strength and conditoning, and athletic performance for most every sport. As an author and specialist I've written close to a million words on fitness and strength. I'm also a Muay Thai practictioner and enjoy helping others to reach their peak potential through fitness and performance.

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