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Mega Strength For The Rock Climbers – Improve Your Climbing With Kettlebell Training

Mega Strength For the Rock Climbers – Improve Your Climbing With Kettlebell Training

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If you literally want to take your climbing skills to new heights, then you need to include the kettlebell into your daily workouts. This iron ball will certainly forge your body into the fit tough machine you need it to be when hanging on for dear life on that secluded mountainside. Even if you prefer the more controlled environment of the indoor walls you will still see huge benefits from using this ancient bodybuilding device!

I am personally not a rock or mountain climber, but I am a professional when it comes to understanding the body and overall human performance. The bottom line is that when you are constantly tensing your body to hold on to a ledge and climb up a wall you have to be very fit. For starters, you need a strong grip and strong fingers. There is no better tool in the world for developing a Herculean grip than the kettlebell. You must also be very strong in your core, lats, and arms in order to maneuver around awkward ledges and jutting rocks.

The kettlebell is great at developing all of these areas on your body to give you optimal performance when it comes to improving your climbing. Well planned kettlebell training promotes the superior development of all of the necessary physical traits you need in order to turn you into a superior climbing machine. To be strong and fit you have to train that way and being a kettlebell man or woman means you are part of that very culture.

To make the big gains you need a big strength and conditioning program. The gruesome kettlebell is a tool capable of giving you both mighty strength and the conditioning to match.

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