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Killer Abs – 2 Body-Blasting Exercises To Terminate Your Fat Stomach!

Killer Abs – 2 Body-Blasting Exercises to Terminate Your Fat Stomach!

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If you don’t know the secret for how to lose stomach fat and get a flat six pack then here it is. One, you have to eat as healthy as possible. Two, you have to train with intensity and consistency. The good news is that both are very possible without you having to sacrifice your precious TIME! Take a look at these 2 body-blasting exercises to lose belly fat.

1. Rolling Squat Jumps: This is a funny exercise that isn’t so funny when you are doing it! This will blast your body into shape fast. All you need to do is get a flat spacious area to execute this ab-blasting drill. You can either execute this in your yard on the soft grass or in your living room as long as you have a relatively soft mat to fall back on and a high enough ceiling! From here stand with your back to the mat or area that you are going to be working in. Next, if you have the mat behind you then simply squat and lower your rear all the way to the ground. Once you have lowered yourself sit back on your butt and roll backwards onto your shoulders. Now in one explosive movement roll forward and plant your feet back on the ground and spring up. Note, that you can use your arms to assist you in the upward phase of rolling back to your feet. The final move is to explosively add the jump into the movement. All of this must occur at once with no pause or hesitation. Execute the desired number of these all in succession!

2. Rolling Squat Jumps Into a Squat Thrust: Now this is one killer lean muscle builder. This drill starts exactly like the one mentioned above. You want to do a rolling squat jump, but instead of hitting the ground to go into another rolling squat jump you land from the jump place your hands on the ground and execute a squat thrust. This is a 3 step movement where your feet are shoulder width distance apart to start. Step one, you squat down to place your hands on the ground in front of you. Step two, you kick your feet out behind you placing you in an upright push-up position. Step 3, you simply kick your feet back up underneath you and stand back up. After this you immediately execute another rolling squat jump and start all over again. This will help you build the killer abs you have always wanted!

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