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Kettlebells – 2 Exercises Women Can Execute To Get A Beach-Worthy Body!

Kettlebells – 2 Exercises Women Can Execute to Get a Beach-Worthy Body!

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Ladies summer is here, but it isn’t too late to start getting your body into shape for the beach either for this summer or next! Kettlebells are a hard-hitting tool that can be used for you to annihilate body-fat and get you into the greatest shape of your life. Check out the following 2 exercises that I have included here to help you kick your fitness into high gear!

1. The Double-Arm Kettlebell Swing: This is a wonderful kettlebell training drill for women. If you want to develop a tight set of glutes (tight butt) and legs that look slick and athletic along with a hard flat stomach then you will like the results that you get from this challenging exercise. To begin, simply squat to pick up the bell from between your legs. Make sure your feet are about shoulder width apart in length. Next, you will want to perform the hip snap movement to create momentum to swing the bell from between your legs up to your chest level. To do this simply flex and extend at both your knees and hips back and forth in a constant motion. Make sure you keep your shoulders retracted and your arms straight. Perform 30 to 50 of these in a row with a moderately heavy bell and you will know exactly what I am talking about when I say “beach body!”

2. The Kettlebell Squat: This is a simpler exercise than the swing but is very effective for helping you to develop lean hard muscle in your hips, glutes, low back, and hamstrings. This kettlebell exercise is performed by setting the bell right between your feet. Make sure your stance is about shoulder width or slightly wider than shoulder width apart in length. Perform a perfect form squat and reach down with both arms to pick the bell up. Make sure you properly flex at your hips and knees to perform the squat. Once you ascend lock out both your hips and knees at the top of the movement. Perform every rep by picking the bell up and setting it back down. Do this continuously for about 30 to 50 reps in a row! This will certainly speed up your fat-loss progress.

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