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Incredible Plyometrics – 2 Plyometric Drills To Perform On A Single 18 Inch Box!

Incredible Plyometrics – 2 Plyometric Drills to Perform on a Single 18 Inch Box!

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Did you know that you can develop tremendously explosive leg power by including an effective plyometric program into your strength and conditioning regimen. For starters, if you don’t include these athletic performance based drills you are doing yourself a disservice. Allow yourself a moment to look at these 2 simple drills that I guarantee will add to your vertical jump, speed, quickness, and overall fitness. The beauty of it is that they both can be done on a simple 18 inch box.

1. Standard Box Jumps: For this particular drill all you will need to do is stand about a foot in front of the plyometric box. Make sure your feet are about shoulder width distance apart. From here you will want to execute a perfect form squat jump. Make sure you do this by initiating a counter-movement with your arms by swinging your arms back at the same time you bend at the hips and knees. Next, you will want to immediately extend at your hips and knees explosively jumping off of the ground. You should land on top of the box still with your feet shoulder width apart and squatting to absorb the landing on the box. You want to land heel to toe! Simply step off of the box and get back into position to start all over again.

2. Step Single-Leg Box Jumps: For this drill you will want to stand to one side of the box. For the description lets assume it is your right leg. So begin by standing beside the box with your right foot placed up on top of the box with your left foot still placed on the ground. From here explosively utilize your arms to assist you in a vertical jump while thrusting off of the box with the right leg. You are primarily exploding up with your right leg off of the box and you will land on both feet on the ground beside the box. Remember to land with your feet shoulder width apart and to squat to absorb the impact.

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