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Hulking Up – 2 Exercises For Men To Build Muscle Quickly!

Hulking Up – 2 Exercises For Men to Build Muscle Quickly!

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In order for you to design and implement a strength and fitness program to build lean muscle you have got to incorporate kettlebell training into the plan. Yes, by now you may be familiar with this ancient style of training that has been responsible for developing the greatest athletes and strongmen for over three long centuries. Whether you are looking to build chest muscle, build arm muscle, or build leg muscle all can be accomplished rapidly with kettlebell training. Check out the following 2 exercises that you can implement to take your training program to an all new level.
1. Dual Kettlebell Swings: For this lift you will have to have the availability of a couple of kettlebells of moderate resistance and equal weight. Begin the exercise by placing both bells between your feet on the ground. Perform a proper squat and pick the bells up from between your feet. Next, perform the hip snap to swing the kettlebells from between your legs up to chest level. You will quickly notice that this is very challenging because you are having to fight against a lot of resistance independently with a bell being in each arm. You also have to work a lot harder to stabilize the path and arc of the swing. Make sure that you keep your shoulders retracted, keep your abs tight, and don’t allow the resistance to pull you forward. Attempt about 15 to 20 of these in a row.
2. Dual Kettlebell Clean And Jerks: For this lift you will once again start with both bells right between your feet. Properly perform a clean and rack the bells at your chest. Next, flex at both your hips and knees and immediately extend both joints in order to create a “pop” of momentum to press (jerk) both bells above your head. Make sure to lock out both your shoulders and elbows to firmly secure the kettlebells in the press. This is a workout for you to do anywhere. You can use it to build muscle at home, outside at the park, or at the gym. If you haven’t introduced kettlebell training into your personal program then you are only holding back your progress. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart! Give it a try my friend.
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