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Body-Fat Destruction – Find Some Outdoor Space And Give This Workout A Try!

Body-Fat Destruction – Find Some Outdoor Space and Give This Workout a Try!

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To start, I hope you don’t mind training outdoors. This program will require a bit of space and at least 50 yards of straight flat terrain. Any flat grassy outdoor space will work. You would be good to find a high-school football field, local park, or if your back yard is big enough then you don’t have to go anywhere my friend!

Put on a good pair of running shoes and get ready to get sweaty and miserable! Mark off a 50 yard distance as the ground that you will be covering. The next step that you will take will be to execute a different exercise every 10 yards progressing all the way to the end of the 50 yard marker. This is where you have to get a little creative. Remember that every 10 yards you have to change the exercise you are doing. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

For instance, you can start out doing bear crawls and then pop-up and transition into the next 10 yards doing high knee runs. You can see how quickly the pattern starts to get challenging. Even if you can’t get creative enough to change every 10 yard mark then feel free to alternate the 2 exercises that I have mentioned in this article. This is a hard-hitting training regimen that will help you to develop some serious endurance, to lose serious body-fat, and to get your body’s metabolism running in high gear like a big diesel Ford Truck pulling some wide load down the freeway.

Always be willing to learn and to be creative with your training. If you run out of creativity and become stagnant then so will your fitness training program.

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