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Your Personal Gym – The Living Room – 2 Body-Blasting Exercises To Perform Right In Your Living Room

Your Personal Gym – The Living Room – 2 Body-Blasting Exercises to Perform Right in Your Living Room

The key to getting in optimal shape does not depend on whether or not you have a gym membership. As a matter of fact I would save my money and invest more time and energy into valuable information that will get you results like this particular article. If you have read my articles you know how I believe in being efficient when it comes to working out. You are better to hit a more intense workout that is short rather than dragging it out leisurely over an hour! Take a look at the following body weight workout that you can do right in the comfort of your living room.

1. Prone Hip Thrusts: Now this is a bodyweight exercise routine that is a sure thing to eliminate your midsection. To promote fat-loss and weight-loss you must intensify your current regimen. This is the perfect exercise to perform in order to do just that. To begin, get into a normal upright push-up position (prone to the ground). Make your body firm and rigid. Your hands should be right at about shoulder width distance apart. Next you will want to thrust both of your knees up to your chest while keeping your hands firm to the ground. Once you thrust your knees up to your chest then immediately extend them (or thrust them) back into the extended position. Continue to fluently and rapidly thrust your knees back and forth for the desired number of reps. You will quickly see what kind of intensity I am talking about after you do 15 or 20 of these in a row!

2. Push-Ups With Alternating Knee Thrusts: This body strength fitness drill begins just like the prone hip thrust. Get into the same exact starting position. From here you will want to execute a normal push-up. Once you go to the ground and come back up you will thrust one leg up to your chest and immediately extend it back to where you are in the upright push-up position. Immediately execute a subsequent push-up and do the same thing with the opposite leg. Your core and upper-body will be under constant tension when performing this dynamic push-up. Attempt 5 to 10 on each side!

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