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The Fat Burn In Your Back Yard! 2 Fat Burning Exercises That You Can Do Right In Your Back Yard

The Fat Burn in Your Back Yard! 2 Fat Burning Exercises That You Can Do Right in Your Back Yard

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Do you remember when you were a kid or teenager and could eat everything under the sun and not gain an inch on your waist? This is not necessarily the case when you get older. The metabolism naturally slows a little over time, but slows even less in fitter people. The only thing that can jump start it again is to get your heart pumping and pumping hard! Here are 2 exercises you can perform in your back yard to kick your metabolism back into high gear.

1. Lateral Rope Bounds: To do this all you need to do is pay a little visit to either your garage or local hardware store. You need to find a rope or cord that extends to a full length of about 50 feet. Now it doesn’t have to be a rope large in diameter because that would get expensive. It can be one that is cheap, but it has to be loose enough to extend in a straight line. Next, go to your back yard and lay the rope down in a straight line on level ground. You are setting it up as a marker to execute the lateral rope bounds. From here you want to stand at one end of the rope and to one side of it. Then all you have to do is jump laterally over to the other side of the rope and as soon as you touch the ground come back to the side you started on. You are jumping in a continuous motion back and forth the full distance of the rope all the way to the opposite end.

2. Mountain Climbers: If you have kids that are involved in being physically active or athletics you may or may not know what mountain climbers are. Either way you are about to learn. All you do is get into an upright push-up position with one leg flexed with your knee up at your chest. The other leg should be extended back behind you. You should look as if you are in a sprinter’s stance. From here you simply extend the bent leg that is at your chest to behind you simultaneously bringing the leg that was behind you up to your chest where the other leg was. You should execute this motion in a continuous fashion without slowing down. This is sure to get your heart pumping and your metabolism burning fat quicker than probably any fitness program you have ever tried.

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