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5 Short Burst Time Efficient HIIT Workouts

5 Short Burst Time Efficient HIIT Workouts

The original publishing date of this article was back on May 31, 2018.

I wanted to pull this one from the archives to post here for you today to drive you to focus on efficiency. Life in much of today’s society is plagued with inefficiency and inefficiency is a pet peeve of mine. When it comes to your life you should be as efficient as possible and this is certainly the case when looking at your workouts!

Take the time to read through today’s article and apply these workouts to your training. Make sure you share this with family and friends. They need efficiency in their lives too. Get after it!

Because of this these time efficient HIIT workouts can vary. So you can scale the level of intensity and volume as you can with anything else in order to suit your current level of fitness and ability. Remember that I always expect you to push, but not at the expense of quality movement and control.

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