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Squatting Range Of Motion – A Technique To Practice In Order To Achieve Butt To The Floor Squats!

Squatting Range of Motion – A Technique to Practice in Order to Achieve Butt to the Floor Squats!

Wes squat by goCrossFit

If you really want to add tremendous leg strength and total-body power to your current regimen then you need to learn how to do full range squats. Now I am addressing the obvious audience here. If you have some sort of severe joint condition that doesn’t allow you to do this then I’m obviously not talking to you. However, for the rest of you check out this simple drill to increase your range of motion.

To start you need to find a sturdy post or pole of some sort either at your gym, home, or at the local park. Make sure that it is secure and sturdy. Next you want to get your feet into the proper position. They should be slightly wider than shoulder width distance apart. From here you want to grip the sides of the post. Once in this position then execute a perfect form squat. You will want to go as deep as you possibly can without compromising your technique. Note that as you descend in the squat you want to walk your hands down the pole at the same time. This will allow you to better stabilize your body as you are squatting lower and lower. The better you get at increasing your range of motion you want to grip the pole less and less until you know longer need it. Practice this frequently until you master the full range of motion.

This drill will give you tremendous mobility for an awesome depth squat. Your strength training program will drastically improve with you mastering this technique. Practice and enjoy my friends!

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