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Ridiculous Muscle – The Absolute Best Exercise For Serious Shoulder Muscle Development!

Ridiculous Muscle – The Absolute Best Exercise For Serious Shoulder Muscle Development!

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Irregardless of what kind of training purpose or training program you currently engage in I think you realize just how important the strength of your shoulder muscle groups have to be to get the biggest results. The following exercise is designed to strengthen all of the muscles ranging from your shoulder rotator cuff muscles to your bigger groups involving your deltoids and traps!
The kettlebell seesaw press is one shoulder muscle building exercise that you will not forget once you apply it to your personal program. This particular exercise involves pressing a couple of kettlebells in an alternating motion for serious muscular strength and endurance. This is a great upper body exercise that is sure to add a whole different dynamic to your personal strength and fitness program. To execute this particular lift you must have a pair of kettlebells of equal weight. Now the reason you will want to try this with kettlebells versus dumbells is a major difference. Trust me, if you have ever pressed a kettlebell overhead and attempted a dumbell of equal weight then you should understand exactly why this drill is so effective when using kettlebells.
To begin, perform a proper standing clean with the kettlebells in the rack position at your chest. Next, press one kettlebell above your head. Now the next detail is very important. Just like a seesaw, as you lower the first bell back down start pressing the second kettlebell when the first bell is at half descent. Continue this constant alternating rhythm throughout your desired number of repetitions. Attempt 8 to 10 of these with a moderately set of heavy bells for some serious shoulder blasting results!
If you are serious about developing some seriously strong shoulder muscles then you have got to get involved with kettlebell training. Kettlebell workouts are the best shoulder muscle workouts period. Remember that anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!
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