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Kettlebells For Volleyball Players – A Serious 2-Part Workout For The Volleyball Player!

Kettlebells For Volleyball Players – A Serious 2-Part Workout For the Volleyball Player!

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Volleyball is certainly a game of skill and practice, but raw power and athleticism can be an awesome ingredient to supplement your volleyball game. Kettlebells are a great way for the volleyball player to add that “extra” element to their game. This is a great 2-part workout for you to include into your current practicing regimen to give you the edge you need to succeed.

Part 1: The Duel Bell Clean and Jerk: For this particular drill you will need the availability of 2 moderately heavy kettlebells. You will be performing a variation of the traditional olympic jerk lift, but with kettlebells. To begin, simply set the bells on the ground between your feet. Squat down to grab the bells and clean them to your chest. From here the bells should be at rest in front of your body with your arm resting against your torso. Your hips and knees should be locked out. Next, you will want to perform the jerk (push press) with the bells by initiating the hip snap action to create momentum in order to propel the kettlebells above your head. Once the bells are above your head make sure that you lock out your arms and that your shoulders are secured into the sockets. From here simply lower the bells back in front of your body and lower them to the ground in order to repeat the process. Perform 5 to 8 of these in a row. Once you are finished move on to part 2.

Part 2: The Duel Bell Swing And Volleyball Spike: This drill can be performed in the sand-filled volleyball court. From here simply squat down to pick up the bells again, but this time you are going to swing the bells. With a bell in each hand make sure that they are hanging at your groin. Keep your shoulders back and once again perform the hip snap motion by flexing and extending at your knees and hips. This flexing and extending of the knees and hips should be done back and forth in a continuous motion to create the necessary momentum in order to swing the bells in an arc from between your legs up to your chest level. Perform 20 of these in a row. As soon as, you are finished with the swings immediately drop the bells and simulate a spike by executing a series of 5 “spikes” at the net. If you have the availability of a partner and a ball then you can actually spike the ball, but if not just simulate the usual jump you would make in order to execute a spike with the volleyball! Train hard and enjoy this hard-hitting workout for the volleyball playing elite!

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