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Kettlebells For Golfers – Say Goodbye To The Unfit Days Of Having A Beer Belly And A Weak Tee Off!

Kettlebells For Golfers – Say Goodbye to the Unfit Days of Having a Beer Belly and a Weak Tee Off!

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If you are a golfer that wants to improve your game with noticeable results then you need to have an effective strength and conditioning program. The craft of strength and conditioning has become an element of necessity with the rising competition of today’s sports. It used to be thought of as something that was only appropriate for football players and wrestlers, but now we know that the fastest and strongest athletes are generally the best in their particular sport irregardless of what that sport is. The best example of what effect this new era of strength and conditioning has had on the modern day golfer can easily be summed up in two words, Tiger Woods.

So what is a kettlebell? Well, as a golfer you may or may not be familiar with this ancient device of pure body construction. Whether you are or not I am going to inform you in this article. First of all, the kettlebell has a history that originates in Russia. The Russians widely use the kettlebell even today to train there military, law enforcement, and olympic athletes. The bell basically looks like a cannonball with a metal handle attached to it. Training with the bell requires a learning curve. If you should begin training with a kettlebell then you should take the time to seek professional advice on how it should be used. You are in good hands because if you are reading this article then you can continue the research by freely reading through my other articles.

To give you a rundown on the benefits of training with a kettlebell I can say that there is nothing but upside. With the kettlebell you will drastically enhance your core strength and trunk mobility. This will help you add to your swing giving you booming drives. Your shoulders, hips, and legs will all be strengthened to improve on your power and muscular control for those masterful chip shots you may have to take out of the sand trap. All in all, if you want to dominate on the course and win more than a few friendly wagers on the back 9 then you need to get into to kettlebell training to improve your golf fitness!

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