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Kettlebell Training For Runners – 2 Kettlebell Drills The Runner Can Include For Top-Notch Fitness!

Kettlebell Training For Runners – 2 Kettlebell Drills the Runner Can Include For Top-Notch Fitness!

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If you are a runner then you need to have a lot more tools in your training arsenal than just that pair of shoes to get your running fitness kicked into high gear. Kettlebell training is a phenomenal way to get your body into running shape. Check out the following 2 kettlebell drills I have included here to get your running fitness to that next level!

1. The Duel Kettlebell Deadlift And Vertical Jump Combo: In order to achieve optimal running conditioning you must have powerful development of your glutes and hamstrings. The following drill will help you to achieve just that. To begin, you will need a set of relatively heavy kettlebells. Set them directly between your feet. Perform a squat to pick up the kettlebells. Lock out your hips and knees and set the bells back on the ground between your feet. As soon as you set the bells back on the ground perform a vertical jump. Repeat the process by executing both movements continuously back and forth in smooth succession.

2. The Kettlebell Clean And Reverse Lunge: You will only need a single bell for this drill. To start this drill set the bell directly between your feet. Squat down to pick the bell up with your right arm by cleaning it to your chest. As soon as you have cleaned it to your chest then step back with your right foot and lower your right knee towards the floor to execute the reverse lunge. Perform the designated number of reps before changing over to train the other side. This is a fantastic drill to enhance your athletic fitness and take your running to the next level!

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