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Work On Moving Fast With Ballistic Strength Most Everyday

Work On Moving Fast With Ballistic Strength Most Everyday

  1. So do you make it a point to do something fast in your training on a regular basis? 
  2. Are you noticing that your body has slowed down in some ways? 
  3. Are you regularly including drills in your training to help you to build speed and power? 

After the age of 65 it’s been shown that lower limb power (due to a lack of ballistic strength) has been reported to decline about 3% per year along with a decrease in strength overall strength. The point here is that power development isn’t just for high level athletes in competitive sports, but it’s practical and fitting for everyone. To stave off the diminishing of muscular power you’ve got to work at maintaining it. Power training is an absolute must for long term functional strength.

Creating Fast Ballistic Strength To Sharpen The Blade

If you don’t use it you’ll lose it. When you’re looking at programming your workouts make sure to set aside some time to incorporate some sprints, jumps, and medicine ball throws. Low, moderate, and advanced ballistic strength and plyometric work is something I frequently plug into my training programs on a regular basis as it keeps your body sharp for movement.

The sort of athletic movements and skills that tend to diminish in all of us as we get older are in large part due to a lack of practice. It’s easy for you to get stuck in the rut of just walking into a gym to pound on some iron and leave without giving a thought to including some athletic ballistic strength movements into your day’s training.

This is something that I even have to make sure I stay on top of in order to ensure that I’m maintaining that level of skill and motor function. The benefits of being able to move with greater speed, precision, and control are worth the effort…not to mention ballistic strength is good for building lean body mass as well.

So Why Include Fast Ballistic Strength

Moving fast is simply about creating power, or power training. When developing power through ballistic strength your body adapts by becoming more supple and capable of moving through movement patterns with more control and fluidity. In essence you’re sharpening your body to be more athletic so that you can adapt and become better at expressing your strength in the form of movement.

The key to power development is that you maintain the practice. Although planning and programming ballistic strength and power movements into your training is great you don’t have to always make it a point to incorporate these movements as the maintain part of your workouts.

You can simple take advantage of an opportunity by sprinting out down your driveway to grab the mail, throwing bags of garbage into the dumpster, or by simply throwing a set of medicine ball slams as a good finisher for your day’s training. The key is to just make sure that you’re consistent.

Ballistic Strength: The Takeaway

When programming your workouts, or when you’re just out enjoying some free time outdoors take advantage of getting in some ballistic strength and power movements. Just remember that your goal should be to just maintain a good level of consistency.

Are you currently working to improve your ballistic strength and power development? 

What ballistic strength movements do you currently include in your strength training program? 

Please post up and share here in the comments below. 

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