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Baseball, Speed, And Kettlebells – 2 Kettlebell Drills For The Baseball Player To Achieve Velocity!

Baseball, Speed, and Kettlebells – 2 Kettlebell Drills For the Baseball Player to Achieve Velocity!

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If you are looking to achieve velocity to make you faster and more productive on the field of play then I can think of no better tool that you can use than a kettlebell. Too many times I have seen baseball players get thrown out at first on an infield hit that they should have beat out, but didn’t. Too many times I have seen an outfielder chase down a line drive and miss it because they were a half of a stride behind. Take a look at these 2 kettlebell drills that I have included to help you make up that distance the next time you are half a stride too short!

1. Full Range Double-Arm Swings: You might already be familiar with the traditional double-arm swing, but I will still explain how that one transitions into this version of the drill. The full range swing is a much more intense version of the normal chest high double-arm swing. To begin, make sure you set the bell right between your feet. Make sure your feet are about shoulder width distance apart. Next, perform a squat and pick up the bell with both hands. Allow the kettlebell to hang at your groin. From here you will want to perform the hip snap motion in order to generate force and momentum to swing the kettlebell back and forth from between your legs all the way up above your head. Make sure to keep the bell locked in a straight line above your head and that it doesn’t flop at the top of the swing.

2. Duel Bell Clean and Jerks: For this drill you will need the availability of 2 kettlebells of equal weight. Set the bells on the ground in front of you with the handles positioned for you to grab them in a pronated position. Perform a proper squat and in one quick smooth movement clean the bells to your chest. From here simply perform a sort of hip snap and press the kettlebells above your head. Both of your arms should be locked out at the top of the press. From here simply lower the kettlebells back to your chest and repeat the process. Kettlebell training for speed will change the performance of your game. Kettlebell training for baseball players is a great way to develop total-body power and overall speed. Give these drills a try!

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