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2 Best Strength Training Exercises For Volleyball Players!

2 Best Strength Training Exercises For Volleyball Players!

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A truly dominant volleyball strength training workout has to involve the ancient kettlebell. By now you probably have heard of this ancient device to know that it has been the tool of choice among the world’s greatest athletes and strongmen for over three centuries. Your volleyball game will improve like never before with the ancient art form of kettlebell training. I have included 2 drills here for you to implement into your personal strength and conditioning program to turn you into a champion!
1. The Overhead Kettlebell Swing: This particular drill is as intense as it gets, but is one of the best for helping you to develop superior core strength for your volleyball game! To start this drill you will want a kettlebell of moderate resistance. Pick it up with both arms and stand with your feet at shoulder width distance. From here simply execute a hip snap by constantly and fluently flexing and extending at both your knees and hips to build momentum in order to swing the kettlebell all the way up to above your head. Attempt 20 to 30 of these in a row and watch the “spring” develop in your legs for some serious spiking ability!
2. The Overhead Kettlebell Snatch: This is no doubt the BEST kettlebell exercise in my opinion for developing total explosive power. This drill takes some base kettlebell knowledge before you attempt it. Make sure you understand the technique behind the single arm kettlebell swing and high pull motion before attempting this drill. To give you an explanation the exercise it is done by you performing a one arm swing with the kettlebell while transitioning it into a high pull position just lateral to your head at the top of the movement. 
Once the kettlebell is at this high point then you will want to “punch your palm” vertically to the sky locking out your elbow and securing your shoulder into place. As you “punch” your palm there should be a smooth rollover of the kettlebell around your forearm. At this point the kettlebell should not “bang” or “slap” your forearm. If it does bang your arm either your technique is flawed or the kettlebell is too heavy! Implement this lift and turn your volleyball strength program into an explosive strength training program! Remember that anyone can train hard, but only the champions train smart my friend!
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