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Plyometrics: A Single Explosive MMA Workout Routine!

Plyometrics: A Single Explosive MMA Workout Routine!

1. Are you familiar with plyometrics?

2. Did you know that plyometrics can significantly improve your fitness and performance for MMA, sports, and life? 

3. Did you know plyometrics are also a means to help you shred body fat in addition to upgrading your athleticism?

As a strength and conditioning coach I’ve been able to successfully use plyometrics for years to train hundreds of MMA, competitive athletes, and serious fitness enthusiast. Plyometrics are defined as exercises that are designed to produce short intense burst of powerful movements such as jumping and bounding.

In a nutshell plyometrics are designed to trigger your nervous system so that your body’s muscles are repeatedly stretched and shortened in a rapid manner. This type of training is exceptionally valuable for all forms of athletic performance including MMA fighting performance. Keep on reading if you want to know how to ramp up your MMA program.

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