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Resourceful Strength: Making Big Gains With Minimal Equipment

Resourceful Strength: Making Big Gains With Minimal Equipment

  1. Are you short on equipment when it comes to your strength training? 
  2. Are you interested in learning more about how to make serious fitness and strength gains with minimal equipment? 
  3. Are you interested in building a solid and resourceful strength and conditioning plan using more bodyweight training, or with unconventional equipment such as kettlebells and medicine balls?

Yes, the more resources that are available to you the better, however those resources don’t always have to be defined as just having a fully stocked weight room. No, knowledge of training and the grit to leverage what resources you do have at your disposal are what will really yield you the biggest results! In short, a creative approach and the ability to tap into what you have will always trump just having access to a bunch of bells and whistles.

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