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So What’s The Point Of Training Plyometrics?

So What’s The Point Of Training Plyometrics?

  1. How do you train with plyometrics in your own workouts? 
  2. Do you need to understand a safe and effective approach to training plyometrics in your own workouts? 
  3. What benefits do plyometric training offer for your training? 

First, I want to take a second to clear the air about training plyometrics. Lately I’ve seen plenty of keyboard warriors the internet being blowhards about how plyometrics are a waste of time and are senseless when it comes to incorporating them into your training.

No, such advice is absurd and is coming from someone that knows nothing about plyometrics. As a strength and conditioning coach that has trained hundreds and even thousands of athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts over a 17 year career I can tell you that plyometrics can be a huge asset to your fitness and overall training program if you understand how to apply them safely and effectively.

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