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3 Steps To Build Your Turkish Get Up For MMA

3 Steps To Build Your Turkish Get Up For MMA

  1. Have you ever attempted the Turkish Get Up (TGU)?
  2. Better yet…have you incorporated the TGU to enhance your MMA, Combat, and Fight performance?
  3. Are you interested in learning how to progress up to performing a TGU with seamless technique?
  4. Did you know the TGU will absolutely transform your fitness and fight performance?
  5. Are you interested in wanting to build some serious lean muscle mass while being able to move with the agility of a cat?

After 17+ years of training athletes of nearly every background and every caliber I’m telling you that the turkish get up is a powerful movement for you to incorporate into your strength and conditioning model and if you haven’t already started with trying to master this drill then you should start as soon as possible. Because of this today I wanted to take a moment and breakdown the TGU into 3 movements to help you to build up to becoming proficient with the TGU and propel your fitness and fight performance to a whole new level. I guarantee you this will be a game changer for your fitness and fight strength.

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