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Shoulder Integrity: Priming And Strengthening Your Shoulders For Performance

Shoulder Integrity: Priming And Strengthening Your Shoulders For Performance

  1. Are you experiencing tightness and immobility in your shoulders? 
  2. Do you experience shoulder pain on a regular basis? 
  3. Are you currently using any exercises to prime your shoulders for movement prior to your training? 
  4. Do you want to learn how to develop and maintain healthy strong shoulders for the long haul? 

Are you looking for a better plan for strengthening your shoulders? When it comes to training these days many people really have to work to prime their bodies before they can even get into the driver’s seat to start doing any work. Since the career world has transitioned to including jobs where sitting has taken precedence over physical activity the need for priming the body for movement is a bigger deal now more than ever.

We can couple this with the fact that technology has also created an entire generation of lazy individuals that have lost a great deal of function in their bodies. This is the case due to many people developing postural imbalances and weaknesses from crouching over and looking at computer screens and handheld devices for the majority of the day. Because of this coaches and trainers have to constantly battle through these issues on a regular basis. Today I want to talk about some ways we can enhance your shoulder integrity and prime and strengthen this mobile joint for other more useful activity compared to just holding and reading your cellphone.

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