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Strength Training For Life…No Room For Crutches Here!

Strength Training For Life…No Room For Crutches Here!

Crutches by Scoobyfoo

So the other day I had a couple of newbies start out with me during a beginner’s strength and conditioning session. I had them performing the ever beloved functional wall squat or as I like to state the face the wall squat. Unlike most usual squatting drills when involving the wall most people face away from it. With the face the wall squat you are…yep you guessed it, facing the wall! The point of the drill is to enforce proper moving technique for the squat exercise. As I was using certain cues to touch on certain trigger points to help them refine their technique I noticed a back brace on one of the students. As it turned out both were wearing the same thing. To learn what happened next continue reading!

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