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A Proud Strength Coach That Had Some Students BRING IT!

A Proud Strength Coach That Had Some Students BRING IT!

David & Goliath by artydesigns

This weekend one of my dedicated students placed number 2 in the NATION at the WKA nationals! Jet you are a champion my friend and I just wanted to take this opportunity to tip my cap to you Jeff, Mark, and Dan this week for being dedicated to the strength and conditioning workouts that I throw in front of you! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the trip, but was keeping up with the play by play through facebook. It was my understanding that Jet (my student) was outsized by most of the competition, but that he pretty much decimated everyone in his path on his way to the championship bout. I would say that at the young age of 19 with a bit of experience he’ll be in that number 1 spot in no time!

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