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Pursuing Strength: Tenacity, Focus, & Specialization

Pursuing Strength: Tenacity, Focus, & Specialization

So every morning I get up and I’m an absolute grizzly bear until I get my coffee. No, I’m not going to pretend to be the strength coach that says I hit the floor with both feet first thing ready to headbutt open the bathroom door and punch the front door open and march right on into work ready to kick ass and take names. That comes…just much later after the caffeine has kicked in.

It’s probably not consistent with what you might imagine, but there’s a building up to that sort of thing. If you also happen to be a slow starter as well then welcome to the club. Just know that even though you and I may be slow to start the important thing to remember is to be consistent and unrelenting! After all, the finish is what matters.

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