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Are You Applying The SAID Principle To Meet Your Training Needs?

Are You Applying The SAID Principle To Meet Your Training Needs?

  1. Have you structured your training so that you will achieve a specific goal? 
  2. Is your physical training set up to help you improve on a specific skill, or task? 
  3. Are you blindly moving along with your workouts without any defined purpose? 

Old habits die hard. I’ve often seen the confusion in people’s eyes and heard the frustration regarding them lacking in getting training results.

The frustration is real and they believe there is no answer to them getting any real results from their training. The thing is that many people convince themselves of this because they stay closed off and haven’t even exposed themselves to other ideas and other methods.

So it’s no wonder they feel frustrated. This happens at every level from beginner to competing athlete. One reason for this is that often times people fail to apply the SAID principle to their own circumstances when pursuing their physical goals.

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