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4 Exercises To Help You To Build Strength For Pull-ups

4 Exercises To Help You To Build Strength For Pull-ups

  1. Are you looking to build strength for pull-ups? 
  2. Are you struggling to improve your pull-up numbers? 
  3. Do you feel weak and limited with your pull-ups? 
  4. Are you failing to progress your strength with the pull-up movement? 

You need to build strength for pull-ups. The chin up, or pull-up is probably one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises as it involves you having to pull your body from a dead hang position until your chin gets above the bar.

There’s no hiding from this movement. Sure plenty of folks try to cheat it with some sort of assist, but in order for you to pull your body up from a dead hanging position from the bar you need brute force strength…period.
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