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The 20/20 Kettlebell HIIT Workout For Shredded Muscle

The 20/20 Kettlebell HIIT Workout For Shredded Muscle

  1. Are you interested in building lean muscle?
  2. Do you have an interest in supercharging your fitness program?
  3. Are you interesting in a simple and highly impactful HIIT workout that you can do utilizing the kettlebell?
  4. Are you interested in time efficiency?

Have you tried a kettlebell HIIT workout? So as a strength and conditioning coach I’m all about hitting heavy lifts and building strength. However there are times when you mentally and physically have to challenge yourself. Therefore there are times when you have to challenge your fitness. Certainly, there are times when simplicity is necessary for you to get in a day’s work. So on these days the goal for you should be about work output. As a result all your thinking should be limited to hammering away at the one or two tasks at hand for some serious volume. Therefore, this is precisely the goal for today’s training.

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