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Curing Imaginary Lat Syndrome And Building True Lat Strength

Curing Imaginary Lat Syndrome And Building True Lat Strength

  1. Are you interested in building truly strong lats and back strength that is legit? 
  2. Are you wanting to avoid falling victim to ILS-Imaginary Lat Syndrome? 
  3. Are you optimizing your strength training in order to build a strong set of lats with the looks to match? 

My experience with the imaginary lat syndrome. So the other day I was walking down the aisle of the grocery store and witnessed a guy all of about 150 lbs. of pure skinny coming towards me with his arms flared out by his sides. His arms were wide enough that I thought he was trying to make an attempt to cover the entire aisle and shoulder bump me as he walked by.

Look, I work with plenty 150 lb. guys in MMA and they are plenty strong and show it. I’m not trying to make fun of the guy in the grocery store aisle, but I do want to talk about some things here in today’s article that can be of some help to him and perhaps you as well if you’re serious about learning how to build some serious lat strength.

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