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Examining The Kettlebell Clean

Examining The Kettlebell Clean

The original publishing date of this article was back on May 21, 2015.

I felt the kettlebell clean movement needed some attention and today’s article will shed some light on it. The bottom line is that you can’t perform most kettlebell lifts until you master the kettlebell clean.

This movement is a critical prerequisite to most every other lift so you want to get it right. A good set up equates to a good execution. Make sure you read and apply this to your own training.

The kettlebell clean is one of the first movements you can perform with the iron bell. This is because it is a prerequisite point of position for many other movements. I mean if you’re going to lift the kettlebell from the ground to start then you’ve got to be able to perform the clean. The thing is that there are many aspects to this lift that are missed. This results in it commonly being done wrong with many lifters.

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