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Now Offering Strength Training Mini Clinics

If you are a an individual, business, organization, or small group that can’t schedule in the time to train with a coach on an organized regular basis then this might be the best option for you. Imagine the following scenario:

You are a fitness junkie/athlete and are serious about your strength and conditioning program.. However, your schedule is nuts and you can’t commit to a regular training schedule with a trainer/strength coach such as myself. This is why I am now offering a killer strength training mini-clinic.

A mini-clinic is set up to be more of a crash course introduction to the BRF strength training approach and philosophy. The BRF mini clinic is set up by you scheduling out a date ahead of time to meet up with me for a 2 hour session where I will perform an assessment, introduce you to my training philosophy, and teach you how to perform some of the more basic bodyweight and kettlebell lifts necessary for you to optimize your strength training gains in order for you to more effectively achieve your goals. Ask me about the details today by messaging me through the Contact page! 

In addition to the BRF mini clinic this may also fall under the same umbrella as an athletic consulting scenario. In this case BRF has hosted many clinics along with private box gyms for various strength clinics and educational seminars. In this case if you happen to be a gym owner and want additional exposure for your business while also offering a great deal of training and education to your members, non-members, or even coaches then you may want to schedule a BRF mini clinic to gain more exposure in the market.

In such cases BRF will map out a theme along with you to cover with the your box gym/organization to offer on the scheduled date. Once BRF has been secured for a clinic (note these rates may vary) then the respected gym or organization can expect the following from booking BRF for such an event.


-BRF will co-promote the event along with you/your organization/company to maximize customer participation in the clinic which will in turn increase exposure for your business/organization. 

-BRF will create the web page to direct early sign ups and to further promote the scheduled event. 

-BRF will include promotion of the event by maximizing the reach and exposure of the event through the BRF social media outlets involving Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and direct email newsletter. 

-BRF will work along with you to provide educational details and an itinerary of the clinic’s schedule and areas of discussion and practice. 

-BRF will work with you in any reasonable supporting role to maximize the exposure for such an event.

Once again for more information on booking a BRF hosted clinic at your location Contact BRF here for further details.

Note: Any intro mini clinic purchased ahead in the form of a gift must be redeemed by scheduling the session within 4 months of the purchase date. Failure to redeem or schedule gifted Mini Clinics within the 4 month time limit will result in the loss of your scheduling opportunity, unless at that time you choose to purchase an additional Mini clinic and schedule it within the 4 month window.

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