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Speaking Engagements and Athletic Consulting For Pre-Season Program Conditioning

I am available for speaking engagements and consulting for athletic programs that seek the professional knowledge and assistance in the development of their pre-season strength and conditioning programs. I recognize that there is a potential need for this kind of service for ALL sports. This is why I developed philosophy to apply to every type of athlete and their pursuit of optimal physical development. Brandon Richey Fitness principles are sound and field tested!

I prefer to enhance the strength component of host programs with the introduction of kettlebells. My goal is to not replace other methods of strength training with the kettlebell, but to instead demonstrate it’s inclusion and “fit” into a well structured and well designed strength and conditioning program. There is also the inclusion of the athletic performance portion of the program. If you are interested in my consulting and speaking services please feel free to contact me.

Specific details of consulting services will be worked out and negotiated on a case by case basis due to the differences in size, numbers, and demands of various programs.

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